Customize your lunchbox

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<p>Fun ways to decorate and label your Yumbox</p>
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<p>Kids love to personalize their belongings. It gives them an opportunity to share all of their favorite colors, characters, sports teams and talents with their friends. They take what they already like (lunchbox, backpack, notebook) and apply their own sense of fun and style to it. The perfect object for this display of “me” is a lunchbox. It comes out everyday in the cafeteria where they can share it with their friends in a social environment.</p>
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<p>There are a lot of creative parents out there that have submitted fabulous original designs and ideas for customizing your child's lunchbox. We thought we’d share their ideas and ours for decorating your Yumbox.</p>
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Decorate your Yumbox with chalk markers

Chalk markers

If you haven’t discovered these at the craft store, you are going to love them. This is a non-permanent way of expressing yourself. Parents like to use them to write personal messages to their kids and surprise them at lunch time. Kids can also use them to decorate and re-decorate their Yumbox each day. You can find these at most craft stores. Pictured is Eats Amazing’s use of chalk markers with dinosaur stencils.


Custom Decals

There are lots of quality decals available from licensed characters to creative designs that you can select from sellers like Consider it Done that will add a pretty owl or ninja warrior to your Yumbox. Customized name decals with cool fonts from sellers on Etsy like Pink Street Designs really make a statement! Decals are a fun and inexpensive way to make the start of the school year more special. They also add an extra element of surprise if gifting a Yumbox.

custom name label

Name Labels

Everything your child brings to pre-school and elementary school must be labeled, so it’s super convenient to order a sheet of dishwasher safe labels with your child’s name. Check out Monkey Labels and Sticker You.

Decorate your Yumbox with sticker gems


A less permanent option that doubles as a craft is to use stickers. Non-paper stickers (that won't flake off) are easily applied and can be removed when your child’s tastes change. Kids love stickers so much that we decided to included gem stickers for the first time in our new Fifth Avenue Blue Yumbox.

Do you have decorating ideas to share? Please post them on Pinterest, Instagram, tagging #yumbox, or on our Facebook page. We love to see how kids and parents are customizing their Yumboxes!

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