Got Leftovers? Smart tips to ensure you actually use them.

Got Leftovers?  Smart tips to ensure you actually use them.

Many of us struggle with reusing leftovers. They do have a tendency to be lost in the back of the fridge and then by the time they are re-discovered, they are quickly disposed of with a feeling of food waste shame.

Here are our tips on how to master the leftovers game:

  1. Smart Storage.
    We like to use transparent storage jars so we can see what’s inside. Extra bonus points for using dry erase markers to identify the food and also add a packing date.
  2. Think “ingredients” not “leftovers”.
    That roast chicken breast can be turned into a delicious sandwich or become a base of hearty chicken soup. Roasted veggie leftovers can be transformed into a healthy satisfying rice salad. 
  3. Turn dinner into lunch.
    Not just at home, but also a packed lunch. Think of all the money savings!
  4. Make your leftovers look appetizing.
    We like to divide them up into smaller portion sizes that look more attractive and are more approachable for healthy snacks or packed lunches. 
  5. Location, Location, Location.
    Place your food storage jars in a well lit and prominent space in the fridge, so you are reminded of their existence. 
  6. Save those scraps.
    Veggie scraps can be reused to make vegetable stock. 
  7. Soup to the rescue.
    And when in a last minute salvage panic - make soup!

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