Guide to making mini wraps with maxi flavor

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<p>Mini wraps deliver on many fronts. They are cute, you can easily create a variety of flavors, they are visually appealing and when sliced into pinwheels, have that miniature food appeal for kids (and adults!). Satisfaction guaranteed.</p>
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<p>What is a mini wrap? It’s a standard tortilla with creamy filling that is tightly rolled. The roll is then sliced at one inch intervals to reveal a beautiful little mini spiral.</p>
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<p>My personal favorite way to serve mini rolls is as an assortment. So make them as colorful as can be! Select different color tortillas made of ingredients such as: <a href=wheat, corn and spinach. This will give you a wonderful base for your mini wraps. Then create different types of fillings with colorful ingredients. Make some savory with vegetables, others sweet with fruit or go for the more interesting flavor combinations (see below) that complement spreadable goat cheese.


  1. Cut off the rounded edges to create a big square tortilla. This keeps your roll super neat and compact. Optional: warm the tortilla in a pan, but you want it to be soft enough so that it rolls easily.
  2. Evenly spread your filling (see filling ideas below) over the tortilla square. You don’t want it to be too thick, but you should also not see the surface of the tortilla.
  3. Gently roll the tortilla into a long roll. Apply a bit of palm pressure as you roll to create tight compactness.
  4. Let rest for several minutes before cutting. Cut into 1 inch long portions.
  5. Create wraps with different colors and flavors and serve a variety for a winning packed lunch or snack. It’s a visual and sensory feast!
Tutti Frutti Mini Veggies Wraps

Filling Ideas

Cream cheese mixed with minced radishes and chives.
Cream cheese with minced cucumber and smoked salmon.
Cream cheese with minced smoked ham and dried apricot.
Creamy goat cheese with honey and crumbled walnuts.
Ricotta cheese with minced sun dried tomatoes and chiffonade of fresh basil.
Ricotta with chopped up caramelized apple chunks and cinnamon.

Experiment with your own flavors. Share your favorite fillings here!

Tip: Mini wraps can be prepared ahead of time and frozen. They need about 2 hours to defrost, so just place the frozen mini wraps in your Yumbox and they’ll be good to eat by lunch time!

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