Healthy Wrap Fillings Ideas


Simplify your lunch prep with a wrap station. The beauty of a wrap station is that you can offer a wide variety of options and each wrap can have an individual twist. Having healthy fillings easily available makes it super easy to prep a tasty wrap in seconds, whether for a packed lunch, a picnic or a leisurely lunch at home.

Healthy Wrap Fillings Station


Seasoned Mushy Chickpeas 

Flavored with spices, garlic and red onion, these chickpeas are full of good for you plant protein and add a nice texture to your wrap. 

Marinated Red Onion Slices

Marinade red onion slices with red wine vinegar, salt and sugar. The marinade mellows down the onion flavor, while giving your wrap a good punch of taste. 

Cumin Chicken Bits

This is a great way to food prep several chicken breasts for the week ahead. Sauté four chicken breasts with a mix of spices, like cumin, coriander and red paprika with a generous addition of minced garlic. Add salt to taste. It's a wonderful base for a wrap or a salad. Alternatively sauté tender meat or tofu with spices (hoisin sauce is excellent with tofu). 

Fresh Veggies

Thinly sliced fresh vegetables add a nice crunch and freshness to wraps. We love cucumbers, julienne carrots, radishes, peppers, avocado, fresh artichokes, tomatoes, and fennel. 

Cheese Please!

Feta, cheddar, mozzarella are all good for a creamy accent cubed, shredded or crumbled.

Spread on Flavor

Hummus, tzatziki, pesto all work great to add a touch of saucy goodness and texture. 

Having lots of variety and options escalates the wrap making experience into a whole new level of fun - not only for kids, but adults as well.

Healthy veggie wraps for kids

Yumbox Panino filled with veggie wraps packed lunch


Yumbox Chop Chop Glass Food Cubes

Food Prep Station


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