During the holiday season a bit of food prep goes a long way! One of our top tips is to prep ahead. Assemble a healthy variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and crackers and store them in Yumbox Chop Chop food prep cubes. Now that your yummy ingredients are prepped and ready to serve, it's time to easily assemble beautiful snack platters.

Your snack platter should offer lots of color and variety. Compose it with seasons in mind, selecting what’s available locally, but also orient it around your family's personal likes. Think of it as a canvas where you can express yourself. Balance the look of your platter with an assortment of foods. Don't leave any gaps and feel free to pile your ingredients instead of spacing them out. This makes the nibbles plate more visually tempting. Use smaller fillers, such as olives, nuts and dried fruit to fill in any empty space. 

Snack Board Tips:

  1. Select one or two cheeses and maybe some charcuterie to be the main focus of the snack board. 
  2. Chop fresh seasonal veggies, such as radishes, carrots, and celery. Those can be stored washed and cut in Yumbox Chop Chop cubes and then used as little accents. It’s quite wonderful to have things prepped ahead of time, as then you can just focus on the assembly. 
  3. Wash and prepare fresh fruit. In the winter I love to offer berries, citrus fruit slices and pomegranate seeds. Big bonus point for having the pomegranate prepped, as you can then easily add the seeds as a decorative accent or incorporate into salads or desserts. 
  4. Festive snacks call for roasted nuts. How about honey roasted almonds or spicy pecans? Nuts go so well with cheese. You can store nuts in Chop Chop jars for a long time. 
  5. Same goes for dried fruit. Dried apricots, dates, cranberries, and candied ginger are perfect additions to a variety nibbles platter. They offer a bit of sweetness, tartness and zest to the cheese plate. 
  6. Olives! Or capers or marinated garlic and mushrooms. Best to marinate a few veggies yourself and have a mix of things stored in the little cubes, ready to dig into. 
  7. You can add a dip, like hummus or a homemade feta dip for fresh vegetables. 
  8. Finally, it would not be a snack platter without some crackers. You can of course offer store bought crackers, but how about making your own olive crackers or little bread sticks that can be stored in the Chop Chop cubes for snacking. 

Products used:

Yumbox Chop Chop Glass Cubes and Square Serving Tray 


Yumbox Chop Chop

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