Mother's Day Giveaway

For all the moms that deserve a little treat and some self care. We're recognizing moms this Mother's Day with some healthy tips and a chance to win French pharmacy beauty essentials (straight from France!) plus Yumbox.

Tips for Self Care

Prioritize Your Healthy Eating

It's easy to get to the check out line and realize that you've forgotten to pick up some healthy and tasty items for yourself. Make a "me" grocery list so that you don't get so distracted by everyone else's needs that you forget your own.

Get Fresh Air

Take time out everyday to get out for a walk, stretch or to have a snack al fresco. Sunshine (vitamin D) and fresh air will give your eyes a break from screens and will elevate your mood. Exercise outside, even a walk, can be a great way to relieve stress and muscle tension. 

Care for Your Skin

Yes. Use sunscreen! Also, take time morning or night (or both if you can) to make the routine face wash more of a facial massage and moisture session. Face massage can promote healthier skin while relaxing tight facial muscles. A few minutes can make a big difference in how you look and feel.

Be Active

Make it a goal to move every hour of the day. Don't sit for a prolonged period of time. Being sedentary contributes to problems like back, neck, leg pain, water retention and weight gain to name a few. Dedicate time for a walk or some exercise daily.


Enter below for a chance to Win a Grand Prize of a Yumbox of choice plus French Pharmacy Goodies (US$75 worth of goods, including a sunscreen, hydrating cream, dry body oil, lip balm and fig soap) and 2 runner up prizes of Yumbox of choice. US only.

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