Simple Joy of Homemade Poke Bowls: Yumbox Makes It Easy

Are you tired of the same old sandwiches and salads for lunch? Say hello to vibrant and nutritious poke bowls, easily prepped in Yumbox Poke Bowls. 

These compact, leakproof salad bowls with a clever divider and dip cup are designed to keep your meals fresh and exciting. Dive into our treasure trove of poke bowl ideas and tips for the ultimate on-the-go meal.



Yumbox Poke Bowl packed lunch solution



Packing the Perfect Poke Bowl with Yumbox

Yumbox's design is ideal for the varied components of a poke bowl. The removable divider keeps ingredients separate, while the leakproof lid means you can shake up your dressing right before eating. Here's how to use Yumbox to pack a variety of poke bowls:

  1. Classic Poke Bowl: Fill your Yumbox with a base of sushi rice, add diced raw salmon or tuna, cucumber, avocado, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Use the dip cup for soy sauce or a spicy mayo.

  2. Chicken Poke Bowl: Start with a base of brown rice, add grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, and shredded carrot. The dip cup is great for a ginger-sesame dressing.

  3. Tofu Poke Bowl: For a vegetarian option, use cubed firm tofu, edamame beans, diced mango, and red cabbage over quinoa. Fill the dip cup with a sweet chili sauce.

  4. Zoodle Poke Bowl: Swap out the rice for zucchini noodles, top with cooked shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and diced cucumber. Use the dip cup for a pesto or vinaigrette.

  5. Breakfast Poke Bowl: Yes, poke for breakfast! Use a base of Greek yogurt, add granola, fresh berries, and a drizzle of honey or peanut butter in the dip cup.

Yumbox Features That Make a Difference

  • Leakproof Lid: Say goodbye to spills and dressing leaks.
  • Microwave Safe: Heat up your base if you prefer a warm bowl.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy clean-up after your meal.
  • BPA-Free: Safe materials for everyday use.
Homemade Poke Bowl Container for Teens and Adults


Yumbox Poke Bowls are changing the game for lunch packers everywhere. They're not only practical with their smart design but also make it easy to enjoy a healthy, varied, and delicious meal no matter where you are. Check them out and start packing a better lunch today!


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