Which Yumbox is Right for You?

Yumbox Original

Five ½ cup portions + dip/treat

Yumbox Original is perfect for preschool - age 8. The tray is divided in five compartments representing each food group with fun illustrations as a reminder to pack and eat a variety of healthy foods. The dip or treat well is handy and probably everyone’s favorite compartment. Its leakproof design means that you can pack wet foods like yogurt and veggie dip.

In a recent study of preschoolers conducted by Rutgers University it was found that parents of children that used Yumbox packed healthier foods than those that did not. Multi-compartment trays are a great way to test out new foods with kids as well. Your picky eater might surprise you. Yumbox’s latch opens and closes easily for little ones. Once lunch is done, kids simply snap Yumbox shut. Parents can see what comes back so there’s no guesswork about your child’s nutritional intake for the day. Although, let’s face it, everything looks yummier in Yumbox so we can’t guarantee that their friends won’t try to dig in! 

Yumbox Panino

One sandwich/salad-friendly section, two 1/2 cup + dip/treat well. Total volume 3 cups.

Yumbox Panino is a great size for kids of all ages and adults looking for a smaller meal box. Pack everything from a classic sandwich to pinwheels, sushi or salad. The 2 sides are a great reminder to add some extra fruit and veg. Yumbox Panino, like all Yumboxes, has a leakproof single lid which means no mess, no lost lids and food stays in its place. 


Yumbox Tapas

Available with 4 or 5 compartment trays. 

4.2 Cup volume

5 Compartment Tray: Two larger sections, two side servings + dip/treat well 

4 Compartment Tray: 1 larger section, two sides + dip/treat. 

Designed for adults, active teens and pre-teens. Kids with long school days also like the Yumbox Tapas size. Its leakproof lid fits both the 4 or 5 compartment trays which are sold separately so you can use whichever suits your meal for the day. Pack in Yumbox custom designed Yumbox Poche insulated sleeve or Midnight Blue lunch bags to keep contents cool.

Yumbox Tapas bento lunch box for adults and kids


Yumbox MiniSnack

One 3/4 cup, one 1/3 cup side + plus dip well.

Yes, it’s adorable! Sized to suit a snacking toddler or adult. Its convenient size makes it easy to throw into your gym bags, diaper bag or backpack. Also leakproof and compartmentalized. 

For more information about each Yumbox design, see our Size Guide Chart.

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